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Mixed Blood Today

At Mixed Blood we’re in a time of realization:

Our audiences are nearly the largest they’ve been in the last decade,

and they’re the people we aspire to reach: 51% attend via Radical Hospitality and of those, 36% are people of color, 10% identify as transgender, 44% earn less than $25,000 a year, and 6% are people with disabilities.

In 2018 we’ve given away $187,500 in tickets via Radical Hospitality. There are 1,850+ professional theatres in America, and we’re the only one committed to this form of access where anyone can see any performance, for free.

Take a look at the full report below. And hint: If you’re on your mobile phone, click the image then turn your phone horizontal for the best reading experience.

Join us today

Mixed Blood has championed its ideals and vision of a world that could be because people like you have supported this work. 

With time, abilities, passion and dollars, thousands have supported Mixed Blood. Today, we hope you’ll join them in supporting this work.