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Mixed Blood is Stronger with You!

Whether a current fan, donor, artist partner, funder, community partner, show patron, or simply Mixed Blood curious, membership is for you. In the fight to further equity in all its forms, Mixed Blood has sought to contribute to this local, national, and global call for justice most directly through theatrical storytelling and cultivating relationships with those whose cultural, racial, disability, sexual orientation, gender truths, and economic identifies have encountered a range of hostilities or marginalization.

We’re striving to ensure membership with Mixed Blood is more than a transaction. We believe our membership provides a great opportunity to connect to and thank those who can imagine a world without injustice of any kind. With that in mind, we invite you to accept your membership! Here’s how it works:

  • Simply register as a member by clicking here.
  • Accepting your membership adds you to a growing list of folks who care about equity.
  • Members provide the people and (or) monetary fuel that enlivens our work and mission.
  • There is only One Member level, and you can accept at no cost or make a monthly or annual contribution of $10/month or $120/year..
  • Members will receive numerous invitations to access Mixed Blood programs at no cost.
  • Current solo & duo members can opt-in or out of converting to a One Member level.


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