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We are all Mixed Blood.

Accepting your membership means you embrace being part of an organization that uses theatre and the power of people to illuminate inequities and that takes steps to disrupt injustice. Your support contributes to the health of an organization that pushes for policy change and social advocacy through its art, community organizing, and engagement across sectors.

$120/annually (or) $0/annually

Why is Mixed Blood changing its membership? Mixed Blood has slightly revised its membership program to more deeply center its values and its organizing principle of what it means to believe, think, and model Radical Hospitality.
I’m a current member. Do I have to change my Solo or Duo membership? No. We will continue to honor your Solo and Duo membership rate. The One Mixed Blood membership cost of $10/month or $120/year will only apply to new members.
I’m a current member. Can I change my Solo or Duo membership to a One Mixed Blood membership? Absolutely! You can change your membership, by clicking here.
What is the cost difference between the One Mixed Blood and the Solo/Duo Memberships? Solo Duo Memberships cost $9/month or $108/year. Duo Memberships cost $13/month or $156/ year. Each of those memberships provided access to a set number of Mixed Blood shows and productions.

Under the One Mixed Blood Membership, all members pay $10/month or $120/year per person and will include invitations to all of Mixed Blood’s programming on a first come first served basis.

HOW LONG WILL MY MEMBERSHIP LAST? Your membership will renew automatically annually. If you select to activate your membership with the monetary contribution of $10/month, your card will be charged monthly until it’s declined.

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