Zealous Hellions

Conversations with Rebels, Renegades, and Rascals

Our Zealous Hellions series has moved online. Stay tuned for details of our upcoming conversation. Full archival videos are available to Mixed Blood members. Email khamara@mixedblood.com for more info.


Taylor Mac will debate, connect and theorize for an hour on Zoom which, in combination with audience energy and participation, will result in humor, inspiration and wisdom. Conversation moderated by Niegel Smith, Producing Artistic Director of the Flea in New York City.


A discussion on state of the American theater, race and the American theater, the future of the American theater, and the damages of systemic racism and white supremacy with Seena Hodges and Nataki Garrett.


Aditi spent 25 years at Mixed Blood as actor, writer, director, and administrator while Andrew penned Mixed Blood’s most ambitious piece at the time – 2014’s Colossal. Andrew Hinderaker went on to produce the Netflix series Away and brought in Aditi as a staff writer. As well as discussing their respective careers, they discussed remote writing rooms to complete a television series during COVID and life in the theater.


Tony Award winning director Kenny Leon joined us on September 10th for a conversation with Jamil Jude, the Artistic Director of Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company of Atlanta. Together they spoke about Kenny’s illustrious career, race in American theatre, and why they are radically optimistic about the future of our field.


One week before the election, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Emma Greenman (a voting rights attorney and candidate for MN House Seat 63-B) joined us for a conversation all about voting. They addressed misinformation and misconceptions that are being spread, and spoke passionately about how each of us can get involved in helping to restore our democracy whether we’re a voting rights attorney or not.

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