Zealous Hellions

Conversations with Rebels, Renegades, and Rascals

Nur-D (a.k.a Matt Allen) 

Nur-D is joining us or a conversation with Joetta Wright. Nur-D is a hip-hop artist who has performed all over the nation including playing Paisley Park, First Avenue, and US Bank Stadium. And he has toured with Brother Ali and has appeared on bills with the likes of Jaden Smith, Tyler the Creator, and Wu-Tang Clan. Joetta Wright is an actor, voiceover artist, singer, host, and educator located in the Twin Cities. Joetta has also worked nationally and internationally.

Zealous Hellions poster with NUR-D


Nekima Levy Armstrong in conversation with John Gebretatose. Nekima is a civil rights attorney, activist, national expert on racial justice, former law professor, and legal scholar, as well as the Executive Director of the Wayfinder Foundation. John is a performing artist, an instructor, and Director of Diversity & Inclusion at HUGE Improv Theater.


A discussion on state of the American theater, race and the American theater, the future of the American theater, and the damages of systemic racism and white supremacy with Seena Hodges and Nataki Garrett.


Aditi spent 25 years at Mixed Blood as actor, writer, director, and administrator while Andrew penned Mixed Blood’s most ambitious piece at the time – 2014’s Colossal. Andrew Hinderaker went on to produce the Netflix series Away and brought in Aditi as a staff writer. As well as discussing their respective careers, they discussed remote writing rooms to complete a television series during COVID and life in the theater.

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