Prescient Harbingers

Mixed Blood’s Response to the Mid-Term Election

3 Full-Length Plays by African American Provocateurs Performed in Rotating Rep
November 17 – December 2, 2018

by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, directed by Lavina Jadhwani

HOODED or Being Black for Dummies
by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm, directed by Thomas W. Jones II

HYPE MAN, a break beat play
by Idris Goodwin, directed by Shawn LaCount

PRESCIENT HARBINGERS is three plays glued together by an African American male prism, through contrast, and via Second Amendment violations.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Taken together, “Prescient Harbingers” is a rangy, provocative, scrupulously observed and highly accessible pageant that uses humor, hip-hop and harrowing circumstance to etch a grim-but-compelling perspective on the state of America. It’s worth the time and effort.”

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Dominic PapatolaPioneer Press

“The three plays are all challenging in both theme and tone, and these artists absolutely command the material…Mixed Blood calls them a “crazy-brilliant seven-hour theater extravaganza.” As Verb could attest, just because it’s hype doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

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Jay GablerCity Pages

“As usual, Mixed Blood Theatre is doing something pretty remarkable right now. They’re presenting three plays in rep, all written by young black men…But don’t go see these plays just because it’s good for you, good for the larger community, but also because they’re extremely well-written and beautifully produced by the team at Mixed Blood Theatre, and make for one entertaining and engaging day of theater”

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Jill SchaferCherry & Spoon

“Playwright Brandon Jacob-Jenkins has a sharp and brutally witty ear for office politics and the craven human impulse to shred the reputation of others—a lower angelic way to make one’s way up the prestige ladder. Gloria is certainly prescient in that regard”

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John TownsendLavender

“Superb actors delve into Goodwin’s rich language and unpredictable portrayal of human conflict with intelligence, dynamism, and lyrical beauty. They breathe visceral life into a script that may well take its place as a major play of the decade….Director Thomas W. Jones II has ably guided the Hooded cast toward overstated madcap performances. Led by the lively Barlow and Hodgson, they reel in the laughs as they satirize the divergent worlds of polar opposites.”

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John TownsendLavender

“One of the season’s most exciting and engaging offerings. 

In seven-plus hours of provocative, muscular theater, these hip, smart and hyper-contemporary plays wrestle urgently with themes including workplace violence, police killings of unarmed black men, and cultural authenticity and appropriation”

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Rohan PrestonStar Tribune

A bit more on each play.


In GLORIA, a Pulitzer finalist, sincerity meets cynicism meets hilarity as millennials mock the Xers and boomers in a field – print media – that itself is soon to be obsolete.

An adrenaline rush of a show, GLORIA is a shocking, hilarious and spectacularly honest play set among the hyperambitious cubicle dwellers of a once-great magazine. Like journalism, it asks “What is crisis but an opportunity?” and “Who has the right to tell whose story and for how much money?”

30-something Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is the recipient of a MacArthur “Genius” Award. His plays were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2016 and 2018 and others won Obie Awards for Best New American Play in 2014. Gloria represents the third play by Branden that Mixed Blood has produced, preceded by Neighbors and An Octoroon.


HOODED is a breathtakingly subversive dead-serious comedy that unwraps what is no laughing matter: race relations in America and the peril young Black men are in.

Street savvy Tru thinks preppie adoptee Marquis has lost his “blackness” and pens a manual entitled Being Black for Dummies as they navigate a world of cheerleaders, Black Lives Matter, 2Pac, identity politics, Nietzsche, the police, and Apollo.

20-something Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm finished Julliard’s playwriting program in May of 2018. His plays, Br’er Cotton and Hooded have received productions throughout America and in England.

Hype Man

In HYPE MAN, a break beat play, hip-hop culture is a crucible where issues of racial identity, gender inequity, career ambition, and friendship converge and collide.

A hip hop trio – frontman, hype man, and beatmaker – is on the verge of making it big until the police shooting of an unnamed Black teen shakes it to its core, forcing them to navigate questions of race, gender, privilege, cultural examination and creative freedom that are tossed around adroitly as they threaten to blow up this union of friends and musicians.

40-something Idris Goodwin is a playwright, poet, performer, and essayist as well as the Producing Artistic Director of Stage One in Louisville. Hype Man is one of a break beat series.

Company One (of Boston) is a national leader in audience engagement, artist development, and the creation of new work that pushes boundaries by presenting issues and events critical to the progress of society. Its production of Hype Man received the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Production and Outstanding New Script in Boston.

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