LIVING THE DREAM: Strategies for Undoing Racism Through the Arts

(Schedule current as of 30 April 2018, subject to change)

9:30 Registration

SONG – Lift Every Voice and Sing – led by Jayanthi Kyle
Pastor Danny Givens
Reverend Arif Mamdani

10:15 PERFORMANCE – Mankwe Ndosi

10:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: How do we thrive as artists of color?
Facilitator: David Mura
Panelists: Lana Barkawi, Marcela Lorca, Rosy Simas

11:30 PERFORMANCE – Poem by Surafel Abebe, accompanied by Eyeyu Bele

11:45 LUNCH and Breakout Small Group Discussion

Workshops led by Jayanthi Kyle, Maria Asp, Courtney Cochran, Su Hwang & Sun Yung Shin, Ifrah Mansour, Marcus Young & Christopher Harrison

2:00 SHOW & TELL
Reconvene large group for sharing and processing workshop experiences

2:30 PERFORMANCE – Sisco Omar

2:45 PERFORMANCE – Poem by Ashawnti Ford

3:00 PRESENTATION: Racial Trauma and Healing
Led by author Resmaa Manakem

3:50 PERFORMANCE – Lula Saleh

4:00 End of Day