Welcome to Behind the Scenes for How to Use a Knife

For 41 years we have used theater to change attitudes, behavior, and policies, to facilitate people feeling and healing, and to inspire forgiveness and reconciliation. We constantly witness the transformative power of theater as a tool for social change.

We are rascals, renegades, and rebels. We are raconteurs, provocateurs, and contrarians. But by using theater to model a world not as it is or was, but as we want it to be, we dilute and eliminate the isms that plague society.

How to Use a Knife is definitive Mixed Blood: hilarious until it’s not, propelled by catalytic cultural collisions, simultaneously political and theatrical, timely in America and in our own Cedar Riverside neighborhood, multi-lingual, and 90 intermission-less minutes. It’s the ideal vehicle to jump start this theatre’s 42nd season.

In life and theater, our encouragement to you is to Show Up, as an activist, audience member, and/or member.

—Jack Reuler