Hype Man

HYPE MAN, a break beat play
November 17 – December 2, 2018
by Idris Goodwin, directed by Shawn LaCount

In HYPE MAN, a break beat play, hip-hop culture is a crucible where issues of racial identity, gender inequity, career ambition, and friendship converge and collide.

A hip hop trio – frontman, hype man, and beatmaker – is on the verge of making it big until the police shooting of an unnamed Black teen shakes it to its core, forcing them to navigate questions of race, gender, privilege, cultural examination and creative freedom that are tossed around adroitly as they threaten to blow up this union of friends and musicians.

40-something Idris Goodwin is a playwright, poet, performer, and essayist as well as the Producing Artistic Director of Stage One in Louisville. Hype Man is one of a break beat series.

Company One (of Boston) is a national leader in audience engagement, artist development, and the creation of new work that pushes boundaries by presenting issues and events critical to the progress of society. Its production of Hype Man received the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Production and Outstanding New Script in Boston.

Hype Man was part of Mixed Blood’s PRESCIENT HARBINGERS trilogy: three plays glued together by an African American male prism, through contrast, and via Second Amendment violations.

Thanks to Fair State Brewing Cooperative for sponsoring Prescient Harbingers

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