HOODED or Being Black for Dummies
November 17 – December 2, 2018
by Tearrance Arvell Chisholm, directed by Thomas W. Jones II

HOODED is a breathtakingly subversive dead-serious comedy that unwraps what is no laughing matter: race relations in America and the peril young Black men are in.

Street savvy Tru thinks preppie adoptee Marquis has lost his “blackness” and pens a manual entitled Being Black for Dummies as they navigate a world of cheerleaders, Black Lives Matter, 2Pac, identity politics, Nietzsche, the police, and Apollo.

20-something Tearrance Arvell Chisholm finished Julliard’s playwriting program in May of 2018. His plays, Br’er Cotton and Hooded have received productions throughout America and in England.

See all three or any combo you like for $35

Hooded is part of Mixed Blood’s PRESCIENT HARBINGERS trilogy: three plays glued together by an African American male prism, through contrast, and via Second Amendment violations.

You can see all three for $35, or choose which you’d like to see for the same price.


HOODED Thurs, Nov 15 at 7:30 pm

HOODED Sat, Nov 17 at 7 pm

HOODED Sun, Nov 18 at 4 pm

HOODED Sat, Nov 24 at 7 pm

HOODED Sun, Nov 25 at 4 pm

HOODED Thurs, Nov 29 at 7:30 pm

HOODED Sat, Dec 1 at 7 pm

HOODED Sun, Dec 2 at 4 pm

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