Know Before You Go to Autonomy

Where Do I Go?

When Should I Show?

At least 30 minutes before your rotation is supposed to begin so that you can check in at the box office and find your driver for this wild experience.

How Will I Experience this Experience?

Autonomy is experienced through individual audio headphones which will be provided for you during the performance. Please feel free to bring your personal standard 3.5mm audio headphones if you desire.

If you’d like to volunteer to drive one of the golf carts, you will need to sign a release verifying that you have a valid driver’s license and have not recently consumed alcoholic beverages, nor have any known medical conditions that would impair your ability to operate a motorized vehicle. We’ll need 4 volunteer drivers for each rotation.

What About Access?

Our Disability Advisory Council is hosting an ASL run during the 7:40 pm rotation on Sunday, May 12th. We will have volunteers to assist with access in any way we can at every performance. Please call 612-338-6131 or email with questions.

Our Latino Advisory Council is hosting a VIP run during the 7:00 pm rotation on Saturday, May 11th. They will provide Spanish translated programs and will greet guests at the performance.

We will have our Radical Hospitality program available 2 hours before each performance.

Learn more about our Advisory Councils and Radical Hospitality.