May 2019
Specific performance times to be announced.

152 wheels, 300 cylinders, 50 tailpipes, and 25 actors led by Artistic Director (and car geek) Jack Reuler will reinvent storytelling, re-tool the audience-performance relationship, enhance standard auto sound technology into sensurround immersion, and personalize what a theatrical venue can be. For performers, it will give new meaning to auto parts!

Recognizing auto design as a great American art form, the disappearance of drive-in movies, the tradition of car cruising as spectator sport, and binge watchers’ insatiable appetite for series finales that end in a crescendo of tension, Mixed Blood presents “Drive Through Theater” in which audiences watch this original 10-scene car-based play from their own vehicles, driving through an indoor carscape, hearing through sound systems, and guided by phone navigation systems. Like the film Crash, the scenes eventually intersect with an explosive and surprising climax.

AUTONOMY connects the dots of global warming, Autonomous Vehicles, unemployment, race, culture, pandemics, and disability.

Ken LaZebnik is a playwright, author, and screenwriter, heading a LA-based MFA program in screenwriting. He has written for Touched by An Angel, Star Trek, and A Prairie Home Companion. AUTONOMY marks the eighth play by Ken LaZebnik produced by Mixed Blood, preceded by African Jazz, Calvinisms, League of Nations, Vestibular Sense, Theory of Mind, and On The Spectrum.

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