Transforming the Impossible to the Probable

Mixed Blood’s 43rd Season

Mixed Blood Theatre is pleased to announce its 2018-19 Season, Transforming the Impossible to the Probable. Speaking truth to power and upending the status quo through theater via provocative programming in which comedy, drama, satire, and extravaganza take on Me Too, automation, Black Lives Matter, abortion, climate change, gender identity, NFL player protests, and, throughout everything, race. The season will put on display Mixed Blood’s core value to be predictably unpredictable.

Artistic Director Jack Reuler: “At Mixed Blood the stage is a soapbox and compassion is a verb. How do we move from seeing each other  to acting for each other? How can an arts organization be an antidote for dominant trauma? Transforming the Impossible to the Probable aspires to have a moral imagination that stimulates ripples of hope. I was once told that ‘The work of an artist is to make revolution irresistible.’ That is the aim for the half dozen shows that populate our offerings before Memorial Day, 2019”

The 2018-19 Season features the following productions:


Prescient Harbingers