Thursday, May 17
    noon – 1 pm
    young joni

    Four decades ago, Mixed Blood was founded as Minnesota’s first theatre dedicated to bringing people of difference together. Today, as a nationally-recognized leader for virtuosic theatre rooted in social justice, Mixed Blood’s work is as important as ever.

    You’re invited to join 80 of Mixed Blood’s closest folks in celebrating and investing in this work. Join Jevetta Steele, Don Shelby, Ann Kim, and others and experience how you can play a role.


    Young Joni: a restaurant founded by nationally-recognized restaurateur, Ann Kim.

    Prior to Ann’s current career, she was very involved in the Twin Cities theatre community, having been the only actor in Mixed Blood history to perform in every show in a single season. Beyond Ann’s theatrical background, she operates a business that shares common values with Mixed Blood. It is this combination of her national recognition, theatrical background, and shared values–and Ann’s amazing generosity–that we are having this event at Young Joni. We can’t wait for you to join us.


    Jevetta Steele
    Don Shelby
    Ann Kim
    Ricardo Chivera

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