Mixed Blood continues to collaborate with a multicultural, intersectional group of theater-makers and audiences. These projects were funded by the One Minneapolis Fund via The Minneapolis Foundation, who drives collective action to realize strong, vibrant communities. They cultivate generosity by taking action on the greatest civic, social, and economic needs—partnering with nonprofits, facilitating grantmaking, driving research and advocacy, and providing services to donors seeking to make a difference in their communities.


Our upcoming project, Dia.Spora  (from Greek root word Dia meaning Across & Spora/Speirein meaning Scatter) will showcase some of the voices in the African diaspora through theater and storytelling.  The project was initiated and curated by Ansa Akyea and Atlese Robinson. The original works will be performed by well-recognized theatre performers, Ansa Akyea, Atlese Robinson, Ashe Jaafaru,Pamela Otali, Talief Ticker, Carolyn Michelle Smith, and Bruce Young. We are excited to see these works come to life next week, Friday, December 18th at 7pm Facebook Live!

The HOME Monologue Project

The Home Monologue Project features the stories of Transgender & Nonbinary youth using the prompt “Home” as the seed of their creations. The project was initiated and curated by Shannon Kearns, Mixed Blood Theatre’s Trans Community Liaison. The five original works featured well-recognized theatre performers, Sushma Saha, Jeff A. Miller, Eileen Noonan, Marcela Michelle, and C. Michael Menge.

Image of Selena, with text saying "Mixed Blood Theatre Presents Dreaming of You"

Dreaming of You: Virtual Dance Party celebrated the life and music, of one of the greatest Latina icons, Selena Quintanilla. The project was initiated and curated by Tor Chavarria. Tribute was given to the reina with a live DJ, DIE/ASPORA ,throwing out the hits along with live performances by some of the best Twin Cities Latinx artists, Mikko Blaze and Mexica Xadows!