Mixed Blood Responds

Not In Our Neighborhood! Not in Our City!

Mixed Blood Responds

Mixed Blood Theatre is outraged at the murder of George Floyd. We are commissioning local artists to build an artist-driven response to this tragedy in the belief that there is nothing more dangerous to the status quo than the activist artist.

Over the month of June, look here for video, image, and textual responses to this crime born from systemic racism and fear.

Takomni Hasapa Wiconi Hecha

by Isabella Star LaBlanc

Video: Isabella Star LaBlanc
Design: Kachina Yeager
Song: Sonny LaBlanc
Drum: Eyabay

Isabella Star LaBlanc is a Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota actress, writer, and storyteller from Minnesota. Onstage, she has worked around the country and at theaters across the Twin Cities. Onscreen, Isabella has worked on a number of independent films, including Missy Whiteman’s “Coyote Way: Going Back Home” courtesy of the Sundance Native Film Lab. She was one of twelve selected nationally for the Inaugural CBS Drama Diversity Casting Initiative in 2016.

As an Indigenous Board member at The Guthrie Theater and a teaching artist with the Penumbra Theatre, Isabella believes in the unique power of theater as a tool for decolonization. She strives to introduce artists and audiences to indigenous storytelling viewpoints and methodologies, and to honor all stories born of her ancestral homeland.”

Como Duele (Bomba 4 Big Floyd)

by Maria Isa

“George helped me carry my Bomba Drum after many shows in Minneapolis. He was a gentleman who protected our community and loved our music from traditional Afro-Boricua Ritmos to hip-hop lyricism.

Rest In Peace and rise in power with the ancestors Big Floyd.”

Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges is a Boricua (BO-REE-KWA) singer, songwriter, actress, rapper, activist, youth worker and international recording artist born in Minnesota and raised on St. Paul’s West Side barrio. She was raised by the influences of many different rhythms of Afro-Latino-Indigenous culture and channeled it into performing arts and activism at a very early age. Maria wrote UTAH/Driving Black Riding Brown for DJ LATINIDAD’S LATINO DANCE PARTY.

Strange Fruit

by Thomasina Petrus

Thomasina has quickly become one of the premier vocalists on stages both local and abroad, known for her unique vocality and symbiotic relationship with fellow musicians. she has been on local singing and acting stages for the past 15 years, cultivating her talents through mentorships and friendships of some of the twin cities most beloved artists.

Our Reaction to the Murder of George Floyd – Sisco x Hamza

by Sisco Omar w/ Hamza Noor

A $20 Bill

by Sun Mee Chomet

Written for New Dawn Theater’s memorial performance: “A Breath for George” as well as for Mixed Blood Responds.

Boxes and bags of food in our firehouse
Group gathering in front of Mixed Blood
Stacks of canned goods

Mask Project

Over the last three weeks, we have been fortunate to have had many volunteers and generous donations to support our Firehouse food pantry. Our partners across the street, Pillsbury United’s Coyle Community Center, continues to provide the neighborhood with food items, and Mixed Blood has moved on temporarily to diapers and other household goods. Now, keenly aware of COVID-19 related deaths in Cedar-Riverside, we are determined to help prevent more infections and have turned our attention to masks. Led by our Special Projects Coordinator Abdurrahman Mahmud and Production Manager Catherine Campbell, we have committed to distributing over 1,000 masks for C-R residents over the coming months. We will be purchasing fabric from our neighborhood vendors, and seek volunteers to help make the masks. Additionally, if you would like to drop off a reusable cloth mask, you can do so on Wednesdays in July between 12 – 2 pm.
Need is highest for children’s masks and hand sanitizer. Masks and hand sanitizer can be picked up Wednesday, July 8th between 12 and 2 pm.

If you have questions, please email catherine@mixedblood.com.