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Birthdays by the Numbers

I think in numbers. It’s a curse. But today is a good day to be a numbers thinker. It is 23/22/210210 or 8/4/2020, which is the birthday of two great people in my life: our 2222th president of the United States and that of Mixed Blood stalwart Warren Bowles, who was born on 23/22/2223 or, […]


The Fourth of July is a time to reflect on patriotism. We all claim it and look askance on those who claim it differently than we do, whether they’re anarchists, libertarians, tea partiers, white supremacists, or pro-birth progressives. As I honor red, white, blue, and Black Lives Matter, I do not mourn the loss of […]


SCOTUS and Mixed Blood

A futurist is not someone with a crystal ball, but rather someone who recognizes trends and acts in anticipation. Last May, we at Mixed Blood produced a wild extravaganza entitled AUTONOMY. It featured a threatened DACA Dreamer, a would-be global pandemic, and corporate greed as well as the benefits of autonomous vehicles. A year later […]

Say Their Names

Say Their Names I don’t pretend to know what was going through his mind. I can only imagine what it was like to feel the throbbing of the caught man’s neck beneath his sharp-boned knee—at first acute, then weakening as he pressed, and kept pressing. Did the stiff fabric of his trousers prevent him from […]


Never Underestimate the Activist Artist

My family has lived in the City of Minneapolis since the 1880s. For decades those five generations were a great source of pride. On the block on which I work (at Mixed Blood) are 5000 people, most of whom have been Minneapolitans for less than twenty years. Of that I am even more proud. I […]


Flashback Friday – 2014’s Colossal

We are sharing memories from some of our favorite shows every Friday. Here is Jack Reuler’s perspective on 2014’s COLOSSAL.  COLOSSAL may have been my favorite Mixed Blood production of the 21st Century. Playwright Andrew Hinderaker had been challenged to write the unproducible play, and I, for one, don’t have the word “can’t” in my vocabulary. […]


Flashback Friday – 2011’s Neighbors

We are sharing memories from some of our favorite shows every Friday. Here is Jack Reuler’s perspective on opening night of 2011’s production of Neighbors. Theater practitioners all have “war stories.” They get together and compare stories like Quint on the Orca in Jaws, one upping each other over and over. The bigger the gasp, […]

Taylor Mac Press Release

ReMedia Contact: Sarah Kemp sarahk@cschuler.com 612-206-0291 Mixed Blood ZEALOUS HELLIONS Series Presents: TAYLOR MAC MINNEAPOLIS (February 20, 2020)—Mixed Blood Theatre hosts Taylor Mac in their newest ZEALOUS HELLIONS event on March 17, 2020 at 7 P.M. ZEALOUS HELLIONS is a project of Mixed Blood Theatre to provide the community with real-time, face-to-face conversations between artists, […]

A History of Firehouse Musicals

In two weeks we open a great new musical, Interstate, that is vintage Mixed Blood: substantive, entertaining, predictably unpredictable, and bringing together people with difference. The firehouse bounces with youthful zeal and artistic excellence as director Jesca Prudencio guides eight actor-singers, four musicians, five designers, and a battery of other artists and artisans to great […]