Catherine Campbell. Photo by Tess Lund.

Catherine Campbell

Production Manager


Catherine (she/her) joined Mixed Blood as the Production Manager in August 2017. She ensures that each Mixed Blood production aligns with our artistic, social, and budgetary approach by managing technical staff, coordinating artistic and strategic plans, and seeing that the technical aspects of productions are completed in a safe and timely manner.

Catherine was born and raised in Southern California, in a town called Ontario – not to be confused with Canada. She’s also lived in D.C. and New York, two cities that hold major parts of her artistic path and heart. She found Mixed Blood through a mentor’s recommendation, and fell in love with Mixed Blood’s artistic and social approach to theatre.

Why Mixed Blood:

Each day presents new, fun challenges. Seeing artist innovation is thrilling, and seeing the engagement, delight, and amazement from an audience during a performance makes all the work worthwhile. Mixed Blood is magnificent because it vocalizes the truth and brings people together by producing work that reflects the human experience. Mixed Blood models democratic discourse, contributes to education and literary, sparks economic revitalization, and influences how we think and feel about our own lives. Additionally, the community of Minneapolis is one of the most collaborative and welcoming artistic forces I have experienced.