Keri Clifton

Chief Engagement Officer


Keri (she/her) started at Mixed Blood in November 2017. She oversees all marketing activities and works to develop long-term engagement activities in order to enhance our engagement programs in the community. She oversees the Advisory Councils along with all of the work that we do to enhance the community.
Keri was born in Nebraska, but transplanted to Minnesota as a teenager. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in sociology and women’s studies. Keri previously worked in the mental health care field doing community outreach and education, consistently seeking ways to infuse art into her efforts. She organized exhibitions of client artwork, invited storytelling regarding art’s power to heal, and worked with arts-based groups. Keri personally finds art to be a powerful healing and educational mechanism, and she was excited by the opportunity that Mixed Blood presented to make that her full focus. She’s driven to change the world, and through community work, education, and the arts, she believes we can do just that.

Why Mixed Blood:

The individuals that make up the theatre community are passionate, articulate, and ready to bring voice to challenging issues. I find that very motivating.