Photo by Tess Lund.

Kassia Lisinski

Audience Services Manager


Kassia (they/them) began working at Mixed Blood in February 2017, right at the tail end of Corazón Eterno. They were an administrative assistant to the office staff under the Chief Engagement Officer at that time. Kassia now works as the Audience Services Manager, coordinating the box office and handling most of the incoming calls, questions, and requests to the theatre.

Kassia was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and before moving to Minneapolis in 2016, spent the last three years in Iowa City, studying performing, visual, and literary arts. Mixed Blood is one of the first landmarks that Kassia saw when arriving in the city, and its reputation stood out while they were researching performing arts theatres and companies in the area.

Why Mixed Blood:

“I love that I am able to work at a place that I feel is making a difference in people’s lives. There are a lot of challenges in working at a nonprofit as well as dealing with the public day-to-day, but it is exceptionally rewarding to see people truly moved by seeing themselves and those they love represented on stage, as the heroes in their own stories.”