Dan Fernelius. Photo by Tess Lund.

Dan Fernelius

Chief Operating Officer



Dan (he/him) joined Mixed Blood in July 2017 as the Chief Operating Officer. His role is to push Mixed Blood towards realizing our mission of using theater to illustrate and animate, modeling pluralism in pursuit of interconnections, shared humanity, and engaged citizenry. Dan provides both day-to-day leadership and, in partnership with the wider team, determines and initiates long-term strategies for the theatre.

Dan was born right here in the Twin Cities; specifically, Robbinsdale, Minnesota. He grew up attending arts events all over town – including at Children’s Theatre Company, In The Heart of the Beast, and The Orpheum Theatre – and in large part thanks to his family, turned into a complete nerd for the performing arts. This may surprise, but his passion for performing arts isn’t really only what’s happening on stage. Rather, Dan realized in college that his true passion is connecting folks through performance. And that drew him to Mixed Blood, a company dedicated to and built around this idea. Dan feels profoundly humbled to be able to serve here.

Why Mixed Blood:

I’m driven by getting folks to show up. Whenever I attend a performance, I probably spend more time not watching the stage. Rather, every performance for me is an exploration of questions and observations of our audience. What stories are our audience members carrying that we may never know? What challenges are they facing, and how will this experience at Mixed Blood further challenge or inspire them? And most importantly, why did they show up? These questions are central to me as I seek to realize our mission, and I love that at Mixed Blood when I look at our audience, I do feel that we are making great strides towards creating an audience that reflects the global village as best we can.”