Amy Slothower. Photo by Tess Lund.

Amy Slothower

House Manager

Amy (she/her) started working at Mixed Blood as a box office associate during the production of Safe At Home at CHS Field in Saint Paul. Talk about some wild logistics! Now Amy also works as a house manager, preparing the house for audiences, organizing volunteer ushers, and hosting Open Forum conversations after performances. Amy deals directly with accessibility needs and tries to make our patrons as comfortable as possible.

Amy was born in the Twin Cities, but raised in Princeton, New Jersey and studied theatre in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. She moved back to Minneapolis in December of 2016, and was brought to Mixed Blood not long after by a friend who was working in the Box Office at the time. She found something innovative and enchanting about doing theatre in the old firehouse, which the work onstage reflected.

Why Mixed Blood:

Even though Mixed Blood has been around for 40+ years, there is still an incredible hunger for growth and progress with every new season. How can we better serve our patrons? How do we more effectively create art that reflects the issues of the world around us? How can we make theatre more accessible to any and every kind of human? It’s wonderful and refreshing to work in a place that not only accepts, but opens its arms to the changing world.