Jack smiling infront of the red doors of the Firehouse.

We’re Close…

On 2.22.22, Mixed Blood will do something it’s not done in 45 seasons. We’ll announce a new Artistic Director (AD)! That means we’ll celebrate the achievements, vision, and tenacity of Jack Reuler as the founding AD, while we congratulate and enthusiastically welcome the next leader with folks like you.

Because of generous donations by long-time supporters and funders, the Board of Directors engaged in a nearly 18-month executive search process that has identified someone with a range of artmaking and leadership experience. This person will help Mixed Blood further enliven its mission and vision for using theatre as a tool to disrupt injustice and further equity. 

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An portrait of the director Seema Sueko smiling and with her right hand against her head.

This Spring Mixed Blood returns to the firehouse with its own production, imagine a u.s. without racism, for the first time since the lockdown in March 2019! It is written and directed by Seema Sueko.

In the play, seven individuals find themselves in a strange, remedial class with an inexorable teacher intent on provoking their imaginations. Comic and somber, foolish and hopeful, the class clashes their way into something unexpected. Drawn from interviews with real-life people across the United States, this play-with-an-ulterior-motive transforms the impossible into the plausible.

This is the final show produced by Jack Reuler in his capacity as Artistic Director of Mixed Blood, the theater he founded in 1976.

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Thisis a play and a movie that has transcended its time to become an icon of its generation. Everyone of a certain age knows what to do next when someone says, “It’s just a jump to the left.” This is the kind of connection that Theatre 55 has always sought to find with its productions. Our productions of Hair re-awakened hippie ideals, Pippin’s self-doubt and self-exploration translated a youthful quest into a midlife crisis, Urinetown brought out a spirit of communal protest, and now Rocky Horror will unlock the bands of sexual taboo.

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Welcome To Our Global Village

Using theater to illustrate and animate, Mixed Blood changes attitudes, behavior, and policy by paying positive attention to difference. The company’s predictably unpredictable work addresses injustices, inequities, and cultural collisions, providing a voice for the unheard—on stage, in the workplace, in the company’s own Cedar Riverside neighborhood, and beyond.

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