Zealous Hellions

We are thrilled to announce our next Zealous Hellion conversation. On Wednesday, June 22nd, Jack and Mark are having a conversation at 7 PM Central Time at the firehouse. They will discuss theatre’s history and its future.

Thank you to Jack for a wonderful last season!

Blog: Civil Disobedience

Now well into my 60s, I check the obituaries regularly to make sure my name isn’t in them. But that wasn’t always the case. I used to check the post office frequently to make sure my photo and profile weren’t on the bulletin boards as a sought-after felon!

When justice, principles, or common respect are wantonly disregarded, righteous indignation flows through my vessels.

Radical Hospitality

Radical Hospitality is core to all Mixed Blood does. We model reciprocity, inclusion, and genuine welcoming to build relationships. We seek to make theater beneficial by engaging with individuals and communities for whom theatre and the arts have not been available due to lack of resources, racism, physical accessibility, gender discrimination, or other barriers. We strive to ensure that the nature, content, and practices embedded in our work are founded in integrity and equity, and engage the breadth and depth of our many communities.

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