Mixed Blood Today

43 years is a long time.

And when you have a history that long, taking a look at where we are today is important.

Click the image below to discover where Mixed Blood is today. And helpful hint: if you’re on your phone, turn it sideways to get the full picture.

text: for what a world that could be.

We Are All Mixed Blood

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Mixed Blood was founded as Minnesota’s first theatre dedicated to bringing people of difference together. Today, as a nationally-recognized leader for virtuosic theatre rooted in social justice, Mixed Blood’s work is as important as ever.

It’s because of people like you that Mixed Blood has been a leader in the field for 42 years. Thank you for considering a gift to support Mixed Blood and the work we aspire to do.

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Supporting Mixed Blood isn’t limited to making a single gift by sending a check in the mail. There are so many options available for you to support our work. Here are the easiest: