We shared these words a year ago and they remain true today. With 293 mass shootings this year and an election in just one week, it was time to share again:

An All Too Common Pain


As a theatre founded and dedicated to Dr. King’s dream, today feels–as too many days in our recent past have also felt–appropriate to look to him again for guidance.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

Today at Mixed Blood, we are feeling an all too common pain; we are feeling a despair that we’ve come to know too well; we are feeling, indeed, defeated.

So let’s hold those emotions together with a will bent towards action, not giving up one for the other. And let’s use it to bear our unarmed truth–to once again speak up for our values, to show up against violence in all of its forms.

Because we are all mixed blood.

[An illustrated image black, red and orange with the word GLORIA in the center. A man figure holds a microphone on the right of the image. The words “WHAT’S THAT NOW?” appear at the bottom of the image]

What’s that now: Gloria

If you thought the wall dropping in Is God Is was a shock, it’s time to buckle up.

Gloria is an unabashed tragicomedy.  An adrenaline rush of a show, it’s a shocking, hilarious and spectacularly honest play set among the hyperambitious cubicle dwellers of a once-great magazine. Like journalism, it asks “What is crisis but an opportunity?” and “Who has the right to tell whose story and for how much money?”

Keep readin’ for all you need to know about Gloria.

[front of mixed blood’s firehouse].

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[image: Actor Ernie Hudson sits in a hallway looking out with a smug but entertaining look on his face, light from a window lights up the background].

Zealous Hellion: Ernie Hudson

In 43 years of Mixed Blood, we’ve shared with you a lot about our history.

But did you know, Ernie Hudson–the actor you’ll recognize as one of the original Ghostbusters and most recently from Netflix’s Grace & Frankie–was one of the reasons Mixed Blood began?

Hear that story and so many others when Ernie joins Jack on stage at Mixed Blood. He’ll be here Saturday, January 12 at 8 pm.

And while the post-holiday winter doldrums will be in full force, don’t let that get you down! Get your seats to Ernie when you join us as a Member starting at $9/month.

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The Weekly Reuling

“How do you become yourself with less fear and less apology and more courage and more love?”

All the things

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Zealous Hellion: Ernie Hudson | January 12 at 8 pm

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