[An illustrated image black, red and orange with the word GLORIA in the center. A man figure holds a microphone on the right of the image. The words “WHAT’S THAT NOW?” appear at the bottom of the image]

What’s that now? Gloria

If you thought the wall dropping in Is God Is was a shock, it’s time to buckle up.

Gloria is an unabashed tragicomedy. That means it’s a combination of tragedy and comedy, Watson. It starts off in the dusty-but-perstigious offices of an aging magazine.

From the start, you’ll meet Ani (Colleen Lafeber), a sweet-faced trouble-stirrer (according to the Washington Post), Miles (so and so), the intern, and Dean (Tom Reed), who arrives droopy with a hangover. But as the LA Times puts it, “this time he has a good excuse: He was one of the few colleagues willing to attend Gloria’s housewarming.”

Gloria who? Keep readin’, sparky.

[The headshots of the actors in the play GLORIA rotate through. The order is WILLIAM THOMAS HODGSON, COLLEEN LAFEBER, TOM REED, and KATHRYN FUMIE]

These three characters quickly reveal their hold-no-punches ambition and their oh-so-recognizable Millenial entitlement. And when you thought the epitomes of those traits had clearly established themselves, it’s time to meet Kendra.

Kendra (Kathryn Fumie), a loud, self-involved assistant (says the Chicago Tribune) jumps into the sparring with,

“Oh my god look how sweet you are! Are you already hard at work? And it’s not even lunch time – You’re making us all look bad!”

And with that, we’re ready to meet Gloria.

[The headshot of BONNI ALLEN who plays the characters GLORIA and NAN in GLORIA]

Gloria (Bonni Allen) is as mousy as she is, actually, kind of oddly weird. Not a good weird.

Described by a colleague as “the office freak,” Gloria has worked for years in copy, a place where no one gets promoted. And as such, these success-obsessed Millenials have little time of day for her.

[The headshot of LAVINA JADHWANI, the director of GLORIA]

So much more

There is so much more you should know about this play.

From being finalist for the Pulitzer in 2016 (next to Hamilton and The Humans), to the full list of cast and crew, we thought you should have a one stop place to help you decide the answer to the question: should I actually see this play?

Yes, you fool. You should see Gloria. But don’t take our word for it:

"Bitingly funny" - LA Times

“One question, posed at the Starbucks, captures what’s driving everyone. Nan (Goldapple, impeccably transformed), a once powerful editor at the magazine, is having coffee with Sasha (Dietze), a book editor, to casually pitch her idea for a memoir that will convert the office nightmare into a tale of personal transformation. Encouraged by Sasha’s enthusiasm, Nan asks in a mercenary deadpan that undercuts all her literary epiphanies: “What do you think I could get?”

" Tell your friends about the disturbing ‘Gloria,’ but do not tell them the plot. " - Chicago Tribune

Trouble beyond a spilled Starbucks does indeed come to these cubes, trouble of a magnitude the editorial assistants could never have anticipated coming to their vitamin water-filled lives. So leave the kids at home. But in today’s America, what is crisis but an opportunity? And in Act 2, which is not quite as in-the-moment powerful as Act 1, but a sophisticated politicized coda nonetheless, Jacobs-Jenkins shifts his scalpel a little to dig away at another great internal battle of our progressive moment: Who has the right to tell whose story? And for how much money?”

My dream audience member would turn to the audience member next to them and say, ‘What just happened to me?

Playwright, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins






Gloria and Nan in Gloria

BONNI ALLEN (Gloria and Nan in Gloria/Debra in Hooded) MIXED BLOOD: Avenue Q, Barbecue, Learn to be Latina, Because, Go Ask Alice, TWIN CITIES: The Christians (Walking Shadow at Mixed Blood), Idiot‘s Delight (Girl Friday), Disenchanted, Only One Sophie (Illusion), The Pavilion, Fair Game (Yellow Tree), A Piece of My Heart (Theater Unbound), My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding (MN Jewish Theatre), The Savannah Sipping Society (Old Log), Sisters of Swing, Christmas of Swing, Beyond the Rainbow (History Theater), Sam‘s Son (Bucket Brigade), A Class Act (TWIN CITIES Musical Theater) Mom’s the Word, A Christmas Carol, (Actors’ Theater of MN), Subprime (MediaBlitz at Mixed Blood)



Lorin in Gloria

MIXED BLOOD: Red Ink; TWIN CITIES: Tales Along the Minnesota Trail (MN History Theatre), Noises Off, A Christmas Carol (Artistry Theatre); Jackie & Me (Children‘s Theatre Co (u/s/p), Sarita, the Frowning Immigrant, CoCo’s Latinidad, The All Dominican Championship Baseball Game (Teatro Del Pueblo); Breaking Ice, Chicago Avenue Project (Pillsbury House Theatre), Nacirema: Stories of Color, Redemption (Nimbus Theatre), Hmongland (Center for Hmong Arts & Talent), Our Town (Turtle Theatre Collective); REGIONAL: Gas, Bride on the Rocks (South Coast Repertory); Puffs (Tilted Windmills Theatricals). FILM: Nina of the Woods, To Say Goodbye, Area of Conflict; Thin Ice; TV: Atarax (pilot). AWARDS: 2018 MN Theatre Awards: Exceptional Community Engagement honoree (Turtle Theatre Collective; founding member). EDUCATION: University of Florida, M.F.A Acting



Kendra in Gloria

KATHRYN FUMIE (Kendra in Gloria/Clementine in Hooded) Mixed Blood/Theater Mu: Two Mile Hollow TWIN CITIES: Hamlet (Theatre Unbound), June (Umbrella Collective), Princess’ Nightngale (Theater Mu/Steppingstone), Hamlet (Park Square), Watson Intelligence (Park Square). REGIONAL: Acadia Repertory, GTC Dramatic Dialogues. EDUCATION: Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, BFA Acting and Rutgers’ Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe. UPCOMING: Feb 2019 Gladys in The Skin Of Our Teeth (Girl Friday/Park Square).



Ani / Sasha / Callie in Gloria

COLLEEN LAFEBER: (Ani / Sasha / Callie in Gloria / Prairie in Hooded). Regional: Roe, Shakespeare in Love, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, All the Way (Asolo Rep) Educational Theatre: Midsummer, Drunken City, Damn Yankees, Legally Blonde. Education: FSU / Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training, M.F.A Acting. University of Minnesota Duluth, B.F.A. Musical Theatre.



Miles in Gloria


Dean/Devin in Gloria

TOM REED (Dean/Devin in Gloria/Hunter/Headmaster Burns in Hodded) MIXED BLOOD: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Next to Normal, Avenue Q; TWIN CITIES: Main Stage Cast 2014-2018 (Brave New Workshop), Gunplay!, Stranger-er Things, Bite Me Twilight (Fringe), Lounge-asaurus Rex, Ringo, Musical, Rom Com, KaBaam! (HUGE Improv Theater), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (Actor’s Theater), ComedySportz; TV/FILM: Lady Dynamite, America Unearthed, The Public Domain; AWARDS: Best Actor 48 Hour Film Project (TWIN CITIES, 2015); EDUCATION: Concordia College Moorhead, Theater Minor; David Midboe, voice lessons

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