Welcome to this week at Mixed Blood, Bloodite.

This week we’ll introduce you to the three playwrights part of Prescient Harbingers, get our planners for a look at the rest of this season, and hear from a Bloodite on why they’re a Member. And for those of you playing close attention, you’ll notice two brand new sections!

First, we’ve been able to do 43 years of world-changing theatre because of some pretty terrific partners. Since they give us so much, we thought it’d be dandy to start featuring one every so often. This week’s feature is a double header. Who, you ask? You’ll have to scroll down to check it out.

Second, with so much going on we thought we’d give you one spot to see all the upcoming events in the Mixed Blood universe.

It’s a big week, so best not to dilly dally. Time to jump in:

[A beautiful orange tree at the peak of its color plays backdrop to a can of Indeed Brewing Company’s Day Tripper beer being held up by a hand].

Be A Member. Get Indeed.

We know beer isn’t for everyone. But let us tell you about Indeed Brewing.

We first became pals with them last spring, and since then they have been crazy amazing partners.

From helping us think through offering beer & wine at Mixed Blood for the first time, to sponsoring Is God Is, we’ve got all the love for the work they do.

Which is why this next Member giveaway is so tasty:

The first 40 folks who become a Mixed Blood Member this week will get a $10 gift card to Indeed‘s Taproom. 

And with Membership starting at only $9/month, it’s as if your first month gets you some dang tasty beer.

Be a Member, and then join us at Indeed on Wednesday, Nov. 21 between 3 – 11 pm for Indeed We Can: one night where all the proceeds go to support Mixed Blood.

As God from IS GOD IS reminds us in, admittedly, slightly different context: “We on a time crunch.” You only have until noon this Friday (or until 40 folks sign up) to get your Indeed on.*

*This goes without saying, but: you have to be 21 in order to get the gift card from Indeed. Also, we won’t be shipping these rad boys out, rather, we’ll send you a voucher for your gift card which, upon confirmation of your DOB at Indeed, will get your hands on that $10 sip pass. Also, since you’ve read this far: when we gave away Peace Coffee, we sold out pretty quickly; so best not delay.

[a black and red image of three men, the playwrights of the trilogy prescient harbingers with mixed blood’s firehouse and the cedar riverside towers in the background].

Meet Branden, Tearrance & Idris

We have some people for you to meet. 

You’ve already heard about the craziness that this trilogy is going to be: 27 performances in 16 days by 13 actors playing 27 characters. And we just kicked off rehearsal yesterday (27 days until opening day, you Numerologists).

But let’s back up, slow it down, and keep things simple: This week, meet the three playwrights of Gloria, Hooded & Hype Man.

We’re big fans of each. So big, in fact, that we just had to make their own page for them.

[a headshot picture of a woman, Lia Rivamonte, in front of mixed blood’s firehouse].

Why I show up

We know the folks who come to Mixed Blood are anything but ordinary.

And that goes doubly so for Mixed Blood Members. Which is why we wanted to start featuring you beautiful people and your answer to the question: “Why do you show up as a Member?”

This first week’s Member is Lia Rivamonte. Here’s what Lia had to say about being a Member:

There isn’t another one like it. Despite its fantastic renovation it still has that funky firehouse vibe. (I used to perform here so I know.) And while the Theatre has been around for 43 years, it’s constantly evolving. The work is accessible, gritty, visceral, often funny, usually entertaining, and the acting damn good. Where else can you see productions of this caliber so close you can reach out and touch the actors?

Where else can you bring friends and relatives with hearing difficulties and know they won’t miss a word? Where else can you view work that carries with it the full embrace of your own progressive values? Not that it always makes you feel good, more likely, what you see will frame ideas in new ways, or personalize something in a way that truly moves you. Think Ruined, or Vietgone for example. Why am I a member? Why aren’t you?

Have a story on why you show up? We’d love to hear it and feature you in a week coming up.

[image: Actor Ernie Hudson sits in a hallway looking out with a smug but entertaining look on his face, light from a window lights up the background].

Zealous Hellion: Ernie Hudson

In 43 years of Mixed Blood, we’ve shared with you a lot about our history.

But did you know, Ernie Hudson–the actor you’ll recognize as one of the original Ghostbusters and most recently from Netflix’s Grace & Frankie–was one of the reasons Mixed Blood began?

Hear that story and so many others when Ernie joins Jack on stage at Mixed Blood. He’ll be here Saturday, January 12 at 8 pm.

And while the post-holiday winter doldrums will be in full force, don’t let that get you down! Get your seats to Ernie when you join us as a Member starting at $9/month.

[A red program from Mixed Blood’s first season with black text listing supporters. McKnight Foundation stands out].

Proud to Partner

Since 1976, Mixed Blood has thrived thanks to the partnership of hundreds of organizations. 

This week, we’re throwing it back all the way to the year we were founded. The picture above is a shot of the first program we made, and as you can see: the McKnight Foundation has been with us since the beginning.

Did you know: Minneapolis is the 6th largest arts economy in the country but only the 15th economy overall. Translation: organizations like McKnight are the reason we have a transformative arts scene.

Thanks, McKnight! 

This week: a double punch of gratitude.

And since we’re the 6th largest arts economy, that means–as we all know too well–there’s not a shortage of things to do. That’s why it’s great to have partners like Hennepin Theatre Trust to help us reach new audiences.

This week, we’re highlighting their work with Minneapolis MAD DADS. Join them on Friday, November 2 for a fundraising concert to commemorate their twenty year anniversary. The event will feature live music by Grammy Award winning artist from Sounds of Blackness, Jamecia Bennett and Friends, with host Debonaire and Auction Host Thomisina Petrus.

[image: Jack Reuler standing at a microphone, a piece of paper in his hand, and a pair of glasses on top of his head].

The Weekly Reuling

“Milwaukee Lumber advertises: “Forget The Wall, Build A Deck, Invite Everyone Over!””

All the things

Check out this spot each week for the whole year at a glance.

We’ll always have the latest called out on top, with the full year below that. And for your daily dose of internet magic, each is linked to their corresponding page with more information, a spot to guarantee your seat, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

Prescient Harbingers | November 14 – December 2

Give to the Max Day | November 15

Blackout Improv | November 19

Indeed We Can: Mixed Blood | November 21 from 3 – 11 pm at Indeed Brewing

Macalester College production of Distracted | December 6-8 & 13 – 16 at Mixed Blood

Blackout Improv | December 17

Zealous Hellion: Ernie Hudson | January 12 at 8 pm

Dr. Kingpin | January 20, 2019

Blackout Improv | January 21, 2019

SPCPA Residency | January 2019

Blackout Improv | February 18, 2019

Roe | March 15 – April 7, 2019

Blackout Improv | March 18, 2019

Blackout Improv | April 15, 2019

Autonomy | May 2019

Blackout Improv | May 20, 2019

Underdog Theatre How It’s Gon’ Be | May 21 – June 9, 2019

Turtle Theater Collective | July 1 – 14, 2019

MN Fringe Festival | August 1 – 11, 2019

Theater Mu Hot Asian Doctor Husband | August 16 – September 1, 2019

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