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A black fist holding a gavel is coming down on a collage image of Martha Washington. She weeps white tears.

This biting satire examines history’s impact on present-day systems. Ravaged by illness and cared for by the very slaves that will be free the moment she dies, Martha Washington’s fever dreams are haunted by family, legacy, and broken promises.

“In this, my second season at Mixed Blood, we are enacting our mission to “disrupt injustice” by looking at our systems…cultural, spiritual, political, and economic.  I couldn’t be more excited to share this work with you,” Mixed Blood Artistic Director, Mark Valdez.

Zealous Hellions Logo

ZEALOUS HELLIONS showcases conversations between artists, cultural provocateurs, politicians, and thought-leaders in an intimate setting. The program allows audiences different facets of a known personality and a refreshing pause for deeper community dialogue. 

Radical HospitalitY

Radical Hospitality is core to all Mixed Blood does. We model reciprocity, inclusion, and genuine welcoming to build relationships. We seek to make theater beneficial by engaging with individuals and communities for whom theatre and the arts have not been available due to lack of resources, racism, physical accessibility, gender discrimination, or other barriers.


SUPPORT MIXED BLOOD WITH A CHARITABLE GIFT. Mixed Blood was founded as Minnesota’s first theatre dedicated to bringing people of difference together. Today, as a nationally recognized leader for virtuosic theatre rooted in social justice, Mixed Blood’s work is as important as ever. It’s because of people like you that Mixed Blood has been a leader in the field for 48 years. 

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