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-ism: Mixed Blood Theatre Major Gifts Campaign

-ISM: the sense of movement; a distinctive practice, system or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.
Example: Mixed Blood Theatre Major Gifts Campaign.

Mixed Blood Theatre is committed to eliminating the negative "-isms" that plague society and replacing them with those of its core values: pluralism, egalitarianism and activism. With a $2.4 million Major Gifts Campaign, the Theatre aspires to add a few more "-isms" to that list. Your investment in MBT's access-driven renovations of the firehouse ensures urbanism and functionalism; dedicated resources for long-term sustainability and succession planning allows the pursuit of futurism and collectivism. The key components of -ism include:

  • Transforming the Firehouse: renovated public spaces, an elevator, more restrooms, additional Lobby space, theatre technology
  • Sustainability: risk capital and working cash reserves to sustain future ideas like Radical Hospitality,and leadership succession planning to sustain the organization for another 40 years and beyond

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 The Major Gifts Campaign was officially publicly launched on May 21, 2015. Many board members, staff, artists, contractors, public officials, community members, and friends of Mixed Blood gathered to celebrate the launch of the campaign and the beginning of the renovations:

MGC Launch5MGC Launch1

MGC Launch2MGC Launch3

MGC Launch4