Mixed Blood Theatre

About Mixed Blood Theatre

Mixed Blood Theatre, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has invited the global village into its audience and onto its stage for its unique brand of provocative, inclusive, and predictably unpredictable theater since 1976. With programming in its historic firehouse in Minneapolis, in satellite venues throughout the Upper Midwest, and in the national workplace, Mixed Blood leads audiences to a much larger world, using relevant and entertaining theater to spawn a ripple effect of social change. Winner of numerous awards for its human rights and artistic accomplishments, Mixed Blood pays positive attention to differences and champions access. The company annually serves 75,000 people through its mainstage season of new plays, a regional tour of 5–7 shows, and a series of customized productions addressing workplace inclusion. In 2011, Mixed Blood launched Radical Hospitality, providing no-cost access to mainstage productions. Mixed Blood Theatre is a member of Theatre Communications Group (TCG) and the National New Play Network (NNPN)

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Mixed Blood Theatre’s mainstage season, proudly presented in an historic firehouse in Minneapolis’ Cedar Riverside global neighborhood, annually features plays that lead disparate audiences and artists to new emotional, artistic, and political destinations. The organization is a national leader in the creation, development, production and continuation of new plays that connect artists and audiences from various cultures, traditions, and communities for common purpose: to confront artificial barriers to success in American society. The theatre’s flexible Alan Page Auditorium can be configured into ten different stage/audience relationships, yielding surprise as a constant ingredient in the creative process.

Regional Touring

Mixed Blood Theatre promotes pluralism throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest annually with several touring productions, performing in schools, colleges, community centers, places of worship, detention centers, corporate boardrooms, and on reservations. The entertaining shows portray role models of color and with disabilities, allow those with differences to see themselves reflected on stage in important ways, provoke discussion of cultural competence, and provide access to people who live in poverty or are culturally isolated. The touring productions also show the possibilities of live theater as a vehicle for change and as a career option. The program expanded in 2011 with support from the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

On the Job

Mixed Blood Theatre’s On the Job program creates dynamic, customized theater to address issues of inclusion in the public and private sectors. The workplace is a principal arena of interaction for people of broad cultural and socio-economic differences, and often the center point for important policy decisions that affect the way that business is conducted and customers/constituents are served. Using the language and traditions of live theatre—music, dance, comedy, and satire—the tailor-made plays, produced by and with artists of color, provoke awareness and provide skill building opportunities that help employees and workplaces confront barriers to personal and business success.

Mixed Blood Theatre is grateful for your financial support in any amount. Donate today to ensure there is always a place for Radical Hospitality, vibrant storytelling, and community-centralized engagement.

Give a gift ONLINE, by phone at 612-338-0984, or mail to Mixed Blood Theatre, 1501 S 4TH STREET, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55454.